Better Life Group awarded funding to change cultures of risky drinking in Victoria.

Funding provided by VicHealth will enable the Better Life Group to deliver it’s innovative alcohol culture change initiative titled Count Me In.

Better Life Group will co-create and deliver the Count Me In project, as part of VicHealth’s Alcohol Culture Change Initiative.

With the support of a range of partners from the building and construction industry Count Me In seeks to create workplace cultures that go beyond Zero Harm in order to effect positive change to the drinking habits of middle-aged men within the Victorian construction industry.

Using senior managers as role models, face to face presentations and a industry wide marketing and communications plan Count Me In will tackle established social norms associated with drinking such as a reward for working hard, the use of alcohol to cope with stress and the need to actively participate in drinking sessions with work mates in order to ‘fit in’.

Media contact

To find out more about Count Me In contact Adrian Panozzo on 0407 318 747.