Top Tips for Managers – Creating a positive alcohol culture at work

Count Me In is all about making positive changes to the alcohol culture in the construction industry, and  while alcohol culture change can be difficult and take time, there are a few small things that a Manager can easily implement in their own workplace.


“I started having a few breakfast meetings [instead of dinners] – I felt fresh and I knew there was no risk of anyone drinking.”

Over the last year Count Me In has had over 100 conversations with Senior Managers in the construction industry about alcohol culture and how we can change it. Based on those conversations, here is a few things that Managers have said they have found useful:


1. Schedule business meetings over breakfast or a coffee instead of lunch or dinner.

2. Drive to events or functions and let your colleagues know in advance you’re having a Rostered Drink Off.

3. Discuss alcohol culture and the Count Me In project with your professional peers.

4. Think about alternative ways to using alcohol as a gift when recognising and reward staff and customers.

5. Register your team for The RDO Challenge