Ever experienced Beer Group Pressure?

During our first ever RDO Challenge 4 out of 5 participants had conversations about alcohol with almost half of them reporting that they had felt pressure to drink during the month long initiative.

Pressure to drink, or feeling that you need to drink to be accepted by workmates are strong social norms among construction workers. A culture that encourages workmates to drink in shouts can be explained as fostering a sense of unity, but it can also lead to the risk of heavy drinking.


Count Me In aims to create positive alcohol cultures that reduce the instances of risky drinking amongst middle aged men working in the construction industry.


So what can you do if you are feeling ‘beer group pressure’?

1. Tell your workmates in advance you are having an RDO.

2. If you are in a shout ask for a non-alcoholic drink.

3. Let people know you are driving and don’t want to drink.

4. Set a goal – i.e. “I will only have one drink and then I have to leave to go home.”

5. Tell workmates you’re trying to be healthy and would love their support by helping them to not drink.

6. Book a Count Me In presentation as part of your next OHS, Wellbeing or Safety Stand Down meeting.