Want to be healthy, wealthy and wise? – take an rdo

Count Me In recommends unlimited RDO’s for construction workers.

Taking an RDO or Rostered Drink Off definitely has its benefits – and these can be even more significant when you take consecutive RDO’s.

No matter your motivation however, it seems that reducing the frequency and amount of alcohol you drink can help you feel more productive at home and work, save some money or even lose weight.


I am feeling physically and mentally better, and I have gone down a notch in my belt as well. Looking forward to continuing into November.


Here’s what we know about taking a few alcohol free days based on feedback from our RDO Challenge participants.


1. Nearly all participants saved money with over half saying they saved more than $50.

2. Almost 40% said they were more productive.

3. 80% of participants had a conversation about alcohol.


Great initiative, we have had a bit of banter but also have healthy discussion around drinking too.


If you would like to find out how to implement a policy of unlimited RDO’s at your company you can contact us HERE at Count Me In.