Is Eight Enough?

How much is too much?

You may be familiar with the theory that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day (or about 2 litres).

The origin of this rule is not known and the actual quantity is questionable, because other drinks and food contribute to our daily intake of water.

What is not in doubt are the health benefits of drinking enough water to stay adequately hydrated – these include better physical performance and reducing your appetite which may assist with weight management or loss.

Hydration and construction workers

Water is the ideal fluid for keeping the body hydrated, especially if your working for a prolonged period of time, in hot conditions (indoors or outdoors) or doing physically demanding work.

You should also avoid thirst as reminder to drink as this may not result in you drinking frequently enough or the right amount of water to keep you adequately hydrated.

Construction Managers should ensure that free, clean and ideally cool water can be readily accessed by workers –  and taking a drink should not be just limited to breaks.

In addition useful tools like a Urine Chart can help workers assess how hydrated they are.

The knock off drink or a few beers as a reward for a hard days work is something we hear a lot when we talk to workers from the construction and building industry.

However, drinking too much alcohol (and too quickly) can cause you to become even more dehydrated – and trying to drink water to balance out your alcohol consumption is not an effective strategy either.

Working on a construction site in many ways is the same as an athlete playing sport, and therefore what you eat and drink during and after work can directly relate to you overall performance and wellbeing.


Staying hydrated can even help with concentration and decision making as even a loss of 2-3% in body water can cause fatigue and headache related symptoms.


Construction worker measuring gaps


So what about alcohol?

The variety of types of alcoholic drinks and their concentration can make it hard to know or estimate how much you are consuming.

Here are some simple tips to help you keep your drinking in check:

1. Plan your RDO’s so you are having consecutive alcohol free days.

2. Take our RDO Drinking Quiz

3. If you do drink try and keep it 2-3 standard drinks and alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

4. Have a conversation with your ‘drinking buddies’ about why and when you drink and encourage them to take their own RDO Challenge.


Pouring water glass